This is a working-in-progress, with no special order of how I try to organize my work and thoughts to be as productive as possible.

Start of the day

I have a TODO list in markdown which has at the top the things I plan to do that day. If it’s personal things I just do them in order if possible and go and remove it.


In this category of work I don’t have things that I consider as hobby. The idea is to be as productive as possible so that I can go on and spend as much as possible doing leisure things. This is the main reason I try to be productive. I could end up working on a pet project but in that case I don’t set it in my TODO list.

So at this point I set my time tracker and try and do as much as possible in 30 minutes. If possible I snooze the notifications and alarms (can’t do this when on call and when on work usually I need to have slack opened which is clearly hurting my focus time).

Along all this I might have quick thoughts and things I learn and need to write down. For this I have my second brain to write down my thoughts and I’m looking into adding a feature into time tracker to write quick thoughts and list them for later reading.

Hopefully (this is a work in progress), I’m able to do everything I set out to do and start planning the next day.

End of the day

With the work done, I go over to my list and reprogram my next day. During the day I might have added new items to my backlog and I prioritize it and add it to the “next-day work”. Usually in this part I break down the tasks to be as atomic as possible.

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I'm José Cabeda, a data engineer focused on improving data systems and educating on how to use them. I also do a lot of planning and read as much as I can.