Reading Update | dbt speaker!

Photo by Florian Wehde on Unsplash

Well, on thursday I went through my first international talk at Coalesce where I’ve talked about dbt in a data mesh world (basically it’s trino + data mesh + dbt at talkdesk). Quite exciting 😄

Data Engineering


  • Cleaning Up Git History - I’ve more recently gotten into the problems of how to manage a repo with multiple contributions and having a clean history can really help
  • Ship / Show / Ask - This is a review on how to balance between shipping immediatly and waiting for peer-review
  • What’s New In Python 3.10 - Python 3.10 has been some time ago but I hadn’t taken the opportunity to read the release notes. Pattern matching is really exciting as we see ittaking some ideas from languages like scala

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I'm José Cabeda, a data engineer focused on improving data systems and educating on how to use them. I also do a lot of planning and read as much as I can.